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The Adoption Process

1.  Application

The first step is to fill out an application online.  Applications are located under the Applications tab.  Let us know which pet you are interested in or we can help you find a pet from our available pets.

2.  Home Check

Once your application has been reviewed, The Pit Bull Pen will contact you to schedule a home check.  We love our pets and want to make sure the animals are placed in a safe and loving environment.

3.  Meet-and-Greet

A meet-and-greet will be scheduled to give all family members and pets a chance to meet.

4.  Adoption

If all goes well, the adoption process will be finalized and you will be able to bring home your new furry family member.

dog rehome 7.jpg

To apply to adopt an adoptable animal, please go to the Adoptable Pets tab.  Click on the picture of the animal you are interested in and then click the Apply to Adopt button.  

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