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 Our mission is to rescue dogs at risk, advocate for the breed, and educate the public about the true nature of a pit bull that is properly raised in a loving home.

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Nick has been through Ridge Dogs at Coyote Ridge Correctional Facility; he didn't graduate because he's not great at trusting new people and prison is full of new people.

Not going to lie, Nick is an enthusiastic young boy.  He's loud, he's rowdy, he's a big crazy boy living life every day like it's meant to be.  

Nick says:

I am beautiful with all my glistening black fur and my bright shiny eyes just looking for your approval.  I've gotten along with the dogs in prison as well as some at the rescue, but they aren't always open to my rowdy, wild behavior so sometimes they just say it's not me, it's them.  Whatever, I have lots of fun with the ones who match my energy.

I do know some commands and I try to use them when I can, but I'd rather be a happy, silly boy and commands cramp my style.  

I'm hoping to try out this whole water thing next year and play in the river, a backyard pool or maybe even sprinklers!  We'll see how winter goes too because I'm thinking snow might be a whole lot of fun.

Maybe you could get me out of this place and give me my happy every after most perfectest ever home, I've never had a real home and really want one, I hear they're great

Please, please, please please please adopt me and give me a #fureverfurreal home?

WeThe Pit Bull Pen is 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer group located in southeastern Washington state.  The pets in our program come from many different sources:  owner surrender, high kill shelters, animal shelters who request our help, found  injured, sick, abandoned and abused dogs.

Once accepted into our program they are placed in loving foster homes or remain at the rescue site.  Our animals are given medical care, good food on a regular basis, lots of love, attention, and training. 

Most dogs are ready for new homes fairly quickly.   Dogs not ready for adoption are allowed to decompress, get medical treatment, receive training, and socialization in a timeline appropriate for their needs.  Once dogs are ready, they are placed into loving homes.

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