Our mission is to rescue dogs at risk, advocate for the breed and educate the public about the true nature of a pit bull that is properly raised in a loving home.

In Memory of David Millmann

An avid pit bull supporter

David, was a long time lover of animals, especially pit bulls!  He owned, raised, and loved MANY pits over his adult lifetime.

He  passed away suddenly on August 23, 2019 from a heart attack.  He was a single man, with no children.  His pits were his children!  In thinking of how I could honor his life and love of animals, I would like to set up this memoriam in his memory , in lieu of flowers, for monetary donations for the pit bull pen rescue.

We did not have the pleasure of knowing David.  We are so very sorry for your loss and the loss of a pit bull lover.

We appreciate, and are honored to have been chosen to receive donations in his memory

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