Dog Care

  • Take a Dog on an Outing (hike, walk, daytrip)

  • Play/love on dogs

  • Clip Nails

  • Bath Dogs

  • Brush Dogs

  • Clean Kennels

Facility & Grounds

  • Mow & Weed

  • Brush Clearing

  • Electrical

  • Dry Wall

  • Plumping

  • Help with Fencing


  • Plan Fundraisers

  • Volunteer at Events 

  • Help Maintain Records

  • Join Home Check Team

  • Become a Board Member


  • Share our Dogs on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

  • Share our Fundraisers & Events on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

The Pit Bull Pen depends on volunteers.  There is a broad range of volunteer opportunities, including walking dogs, loving on dogs, cleaning kennels, and helping at events.  More volunteer ideas are listed below.  If interested in volunteering, please complete an volunteer application.